Basics of Spiritualist

So I have started in Spiritualist. It is boggling how very little I really know about this religion!

Although various Spiritualist traditions have their own beliefs, known as Principles, there are some shared concepts:

A belief in spirit communication.
A belief that the soul continues to exist after the death of the physical body.
Personal responsibility for life circumstances.
Even after death it is possible for the soul to learn and improve
A belief in a God, often referred to as “Infinite Intelligence”.
The natural world considered as an expression of said intelligence.

This so far is promising to be a very interesting month of study 🙂 Though I really can’t believe that I have been at this 10 months! Only 2 religions left to go after this! Wow it really has been awesome though!





So I know nothing about this one! :-S I know Dan Aykroyd is apart of it, which makes me wonder if it has to do with UFOs and aliens? Not sure though.
Well I do hope there is more to it then there was to UU’s 😦


I think I’m just going to sum this one up early and start on the next, Spiritualist.
There’s really not much to sum up, they believe that everyone is free to believe whatever they want and encourage that. They are what most would consider liberal considering they are for gay marriage and allow woman in the clergy. It was a good lesson in acceptance for me though and helped me realize we can all worship together.
I can hardly believe that I have been at this for 9 month and have done 9 different religions! I think I’m going to work on summaries for kids along with some activities they could do. My kids and I know some friends who would enjoy it.
My next religion is Spiritualist. I will write up what I know tomorrow and get started on it! Hopefully there is more to study then the this one :-S


So this religion really doesn’t alot of leg work with it, which is disappointing 😦 Most of this religion is just about being with others in fellowship no matter what they believe. Great idea, just not great for research cause there is none! So this is me letting you know I’m still alive and haven’t forgotten about ya guys!


As I mentioned in my last post Universalist Unitarianism is a merger of two religions. Toady I will talk about one of those now, Christian Universalist.

Some of the main beliefs that separate Christian Universalist from mainstream Christianity is their belief in universal salvation. They believe that everyone will eventually reach salvation, meaning that no one is damned forever for their sins.

The remaining central beliefs of Christian Universalism are compatible with Christianity in general:

God is the loving Parent of all people, see Love of God.

Jesus Christ reveals the nature and character of God and is the spiritual leader of humankind, see New Covenant.

Humankind is created with an immortal soul which death does not end, and which God will never destroy.

Sin has negative consequences for the sinner either in this life or the afterlife.

There isn’t much to cover this month….sadly. Universal Unitarian is a great open religion to be apart of just not so fun to study :-S Oh well!



So there’s really not alot to learn about Universal Unitarian. They really don’t a unifying beliefs or anything. I guess this is kinda a good religion to start the summer off with though 🙂 gives me time to set in to a routine with my girls and not have to worry about getting behind.

Does God Exist Magazine Review

So since I studied Atheism I have been subscribing to a magazine by a former Atheist turned Christian. Does God exist is suppose to cover some scientific evidence supporting intelligent design along with other more typical Christian articles.
I have to say I have been really disappointed with their “scientific evidence” this far. It’s mainly based on lack of scientific explanation so it must of been God articles. It usually offers no explanation as to why God may of designed certain animals in an usual way, or what their purpose may have been and it’s usually newly discovered animals which we haven’t quite studied yet anyways. I’ll give that it does get you thinking but that’s about it.
The other articles are most of the time are quite interesting and usually give me some insight into Christianity. Most of the time it’s positive and backed by some facts. The May/June issue though really disappointed me.

I should of known to just throw it in the trash when the cover had a wizard and a skeleton on it. I really should of just put it down when I saw the article What’s up with Harry Potter? and it had a cheesy witch picture with it. But sadly I was intrigued to see their explanation of it and I really wanted to read another article entitled A Christian view of the business of spirits, ghosts and demons. Shame on me and my curiosity.

Before I go on I feel I should say that not all Christians are as narrow minded and stupid as this. My hubby is one and is a wonderful non~judgmental man. Plus I have friends who are the same way.

Now on to the good stuff. First I read the article on Harry Potter and it started out good saying that basically instead of focusing on the uncomfortable topic of wizards to focus on the overall theme of Good vs. Evil. Then they got into how the Bible states that witchcraft and all things related is wrong and that the bible encourages you to stone people who follow them. It further states that God has no tolerance for such things and will turn them out and cut them off from their own people. All this was stated in the Old Testament, the one that also encourages you to take an eye for an eye and all the other meaningless violence. The one when those are brought up they are so quick to state that that was before Jesus  died on the cross and changed all that for them. But evidently you still can pick and choose verses that encourage you to hate others who are different still, which is I guess is a  nice fringe benefit of being a hypocrite.

The demon article was equally offensive, it put down many other religions and stated just plain lies. They stated that all Buddhist are atheist ( not all are it’s kinda up to which branch you follow and really your own feelings on the matter), and then contradicted themselves not but a few words later by stating that they viewed Buddha as a god. I threw it across the room after this point.

This isn’t preaching or education this is fear mongering plain and simple. They are just trying to scare people into believing their propaganda, instead of presenting them with the facts and letting them choose for themselves. These types of people are why Christianity loses people to Atheism and other religions, they aren’t lured away by glamor, they simply get sick of being lied to and living in fear.

Needless to say I am not going to be reading anymore by Does God exist. Their so called “proof” is just not for me.


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