Why the Journey

This is about my journey through the different religions. I will be focusing on one religion for a month at a time but I realize that I probley be spending time on each of them after that month wrapping them up.
This is my tentative timeline
May~Native American
June~Unitarian Universalist
Hopefully I come out of all this more enlightened and I bring a few people with me. 🙂


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  1. Great project, wishing you happiness on your journey!


  2. Posted by godlesspaladin on December 5, 2010 at 10:56 pm

    Hey, I stumbled across your blog and thought you journey sounded pretty neat. Full disclosure: I’m an agnostic atheist, so I’m really looking forward to hearing what you think throughout the month of December. 🙂 There is a cool documentary coming out this month called “The Nature of Existence” and I think you’d find it really interesting. It’s not told from any one religious view, rather the director goes on a journey, much like the one you’re embarking upon, to ask people of a variety of views all over the world questions about religion. http://thenatureofexistence.com/
    Anyways, I wish you luck and am looking forward to hearing what you discover.


    • Thanks I’ll be sure to check it out! It sounds good.
      I’m hoping this month to humanize Atheism/Agnosticism so people realize that while they may not believe in a deity/ies they aren’t evil and selfish people. Most are just on journey themself.
      Thanks alot for reading 🙂


  3. Posted by Brian on February 27, 2011 at 3:23 pm

    Hi Lucy – People study these religions for years, sometimes decades, to get a deep enough understanding of them. Just curious, what else are you doing to immerse yourself in these religions?



    • Hey Brian! I’ll admit to be lazy and disheartened with the journey at this point because I had plans of visiting the different religions places of worship but most are all out of town for me and it just seems hard to get time to go visit them or good weather :-S! But with all but the last 2 probably I have contacted someone within the religion to get their views and hear their journey which helps more than reading about them for me. I am holding out hope that with Spring I can visit Yellow Springs, it has a Buddhist Temple, a Baha’i place of worship and near by a Jewish temple, plus later towards the end of March a Coven has a open to the public Ostra ceremony.
      There are already religions I have studied so far that I know I just scratched the surface of and that a month isn’t doing them justice but at least at the end of the month I am a lot less ignorant and more open minded about them. I am hoping at the end of this to dedicate more time to ones that have really grabbed my attention. I have a feeling this started a lifelong journey for me!
      Thanks for reading 🙂


  4. Nice schedule. If you decide to extend it over a year, maybe you can also take a look into Janism and Sikkhism? Great stuff all together though


    • Thanks! I’m figuring on after the year is up I’ll still continue studying cause I’ve just scratched the surface on the subject! Ideally I would like to do a year in the each the Eastern and Western religions.


    • Thanks! I’m figuring on after the year is up I’ll still continue studying cause I’ve just scratched the surface on the subject! Ideally I would like to do a year in the each the Eastern and Western religions.


  5. […] interesting blog I’ve been following for a while is written by Lucy Wright in her My Journey blog. She’s spent the past few months examining the different world […]


  6. Neat idea, but, um, Catholics are Christians (your August and September months). One is the other. What do you really mean for the month of September? I would suggest both Eastern Orthodox and Eastern Catholic for August, and Roman Catholic in September. Put East first, yes. As one who has already done it, I can promise that that back-to-back comparison would make for a very good study.



    • I thought so to but for me they are so different I thought I could study them separate. I could probably do a whole year alone on just the different sects in Christianity and eventually I will but for now I think I’ll just end up hitting the “big” sects in America.
      Beside if I hadn’t counted them separate I would have to do Scientology and honestly they kinda give me the heeby~geebies! :-S


  7. Seriously, “Christian” is the umbrella religion. Underneath it there are many types. Roman Catholic is one type. Southern Baptist is another. United Methodist, Disciples of Christ, Lutheran, Presbyterian, and so on — these are are types of “Christian.” There are lots of them. Saying that Catholics are different than Christians is like saying geometry is different than mathematics. The very sentence makes no sense at all. It’s jibberish.

    The two biggest groups within Christianity are the Roman Catholics and the Eastern Orthodox. Those are also the original versions of Christianity and therefore make excellent places to start. The numerically small Eastern Catholics are a bridge connecting those two large groups, but stylistically they belong with the Orthodox.

    I see your problem with Scientology, and I wholly agree. Completely. But there’s an easy out. Being the Westerners that we are it is important to learn about Christianity. The history of Europe is the history of the Roman Catholic Church. So, you have either to do my East/West comparison, or, alternatively, do a Roman Catholic versus Protestant comparison. The Protestants to study would be either (a) Lutheran and Presbyterian/Reformed, because they’re the original versions from the Protestant Reformation in the 1500’s, or (b) Baptists and so-called non-denominational, because modernly they are the largest groups. Either way is good.

    Been there, done that, and I’m smiling over your journey.


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