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Reverend Deborah Ann Bourbon, R.N.
Do Spiritualists believe in God?
Spiritualists believe in Infinite Intelligence. Divine Force permeates everything, one cannot be separated from God, this Divine Force, as it exists in everything. God is not seen as a personal God on a throne far away, but rather as Infinite Intelligence pervading all things and one with all things.
Do Spiritualists think that God gets angry with us and punishes us?
Divine Infinite Intelligence is beyond the limits of personal emotions. The cosmos functions in accord with Universal Laws, one of the greatest of these is the Law of Karma. “As you sow, so shall you reap.” We create our own happiness or unhappiness as we function within the limitless realm of Universal Laws.
Do Spiritualists believe in Jesus?
Spiritualists believe that Jesus the Christ was a great teacher and Master. However, Spiritualists believe that there is also great value in the teachings of other Masters as well. Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed, Lao Tze are but a few of these beings who came to earth to be a guiding light and spiritual inspiration to others.
Do Spiritualists believe that Jesus was the “only begotten son of God”?
Spiritualists believe that we are all sons and daughters of Infinite Intelligence. Jesus the Christ was a very advanced soul, but each of us has the potential to develop ourselves, as we are all children of Divinity.
Why do you call Jesus, “Jesus the Christ”?
We believe that “the Christ” is an initiatory title denoting the “Christing” or “Christed Light”. This is a level of great spiritual attainment. This person, Jesus, becoming the Christ, shows us that perfection of our soul self is an attainable goal. He is the “wayshower’.
Do Spiritualists believe in Heaven and Hell?
Spiritualists believe that we make our own Heaven or Hell by virtue of our thoughts, words and deeds. We believe that we continue to grow and progress after we make our transition, as we so choose to pursue that growth. There is always more development open for us. The higher planes can be compared to realms of Heaven. Some have encased themselves with their own negative persona to the point that they must purify those lower vibrations in order to rise on the planes. When lower energetics are cleansed away, the impression is often one of fiery purification. But there is no eternal damnation.
Do Spiritualists believe in the Devil?
Spiritualists believe that there are negative energetics, that there is an entire range of vibrations of being. But this is a continuum of energy. There is no absolute evil that would be separate from Infinite Intelligence as Infinite Intelligence is everywhere found.
Do Spiritualists believe in reincarnation?
Many Spiritualists do believe in reincarnation. They see reincarnation as a great balancer and an opportunity for soul growth that is afforded by the physical plane. Reincarnation coupled with Universal Laws brings to them a sense of order in the sometimes seeming chaotic and unfair world in which they live. Reincarnation is not a required tenant of the Spiritualist faith and is a personal choice of belief.
What do Spiritualists believe happens to us after we die?
When we make our transition into the realm of Spirit, we leave our physical form behind. Our personality survives this and we continue to exist on the inner planes. We are still who we were in physical life, but without physical bodies. Our placement on those inner planes follows the Universal Law of Attraction, our thoughts, words and deeds from our physical plane existence determines where we will be. Our course of development on the inner planes is determined by our desires.


Spiritualism sounds alot like UU but more defined. I’m glad they ended up back to back.



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  1. Thank you for posting this. I greatly enjoyed reading this and saw some of the beliefs I hold, although I am not a Spiritualist. I greatly enjoy reading about your journey. It’s like having the footwork done for me.


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