Fox Sisters

These 3 sisters played a important role in the creation of the Spiritualist religion. Leah, Maggie and Kate Fox were well known mediums in their time, bring many people  the belief in spirits with their seemingly infallible evidence.

It all started when the 2 younger sisters Maggie, 15 and Kate 12; were living with their parents in a new house, for years the house had been said to be haunted. The sisters had their first encounter with this spirit in March 1848. It start with rapping but the sister later developed a code to communicate with their mysterious visitor, they claimed it was a man who was murdered and buried in the basement of the house , search of the basement did reveal a partial skeleton. This launched the girls careers as well respected mediums. Their older sister took on the task of managing them and promoting them. They unknowingly started a new movement that grew even further than expected. The girls used knocking, spirit writing and various other methods to communicate with those in the afterlife.

In later years though the younger girls fame and fortune had waned while that of older sister Leah’s had continued to grow. So in Oct 1888 Maggie confessed. She stated that older sister Leah forced her and Kate to fabricate everything. That the “knocking” they produced was actually the sisters “popping” thier toes and was able to produce the noise on command. Little sister Kate was watch from a balcony giving her support. Everything was lost to them then, their reputation was in tatters. Within a year both sisters recanted their statements but it was to late. Within 5 years the sister had died, the younger two had passed their latter years in poverty and buried in paupers graves.

The fallout from the confession range from believers stating that they were forced to do it to others believing it and leaving the religion. The house that it first started it was still experiencing a haunting 50 years later  when they decided to once again search for the body, they found the reast of a male skeleton and laid him to rest, supposedly quieting the spirit .

Hummm……Not a good start to a religion!



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