As I mentioned in my last post Universalist Unitarianism is a merger of two religions. Toady I will talk about one of those now, Christian Universalist.

Some of the main beliefs that separate Christian Universalist from mainstream Christianity is their belief in universal salvation. They believe that everyone will eventually reach salvation, meaning that no one is damned forever for their sins.

The remaining central beliefs of Christian Universalism are compatible with Christianity in general:

God is the loving Parent of all people, see Love of God.

Jesus Christ reveals the nature and character of God and is the spiritual leader of humankind, see New Covenant.

Humankind is created with an immortal soul which death does not end, and which God will never destroy.

Sin has negative consequences for the sinner either in this life or the afterlife.

There isn’t much to cover this month….sadly. Universal Unitarian is a great open religion to be apart of just not so fun to study :-S Oh well!



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