So this is apparently a controversial topic. Many people feel that Shamanism is only practiced by tribes in Asia and that Westerners applied this term to very broadly to a variety of religious practitioners. It is a very confusing.

From what I have gathered though Shaman is a person connected with the spirits in ways normal people aren’t. Some say you either are one or you aren’t, while others feel you can train your self to be one. After that the beliefs get really varied, I have posted some of the websites I found on the subject, none of which really helped clear anything up for me :-S

Well it’s official that I hate Ohio weather! I have been sick for the past week yet again because no one  has informed Ohio that it is Spring not winter! Hopefully though I will stay healthy and be able to finish this month out. I’m hoping to do Navajo, Apache, Mayans and maybe one or two others.



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  1. Hope you get better soon =D


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