World Ending???

So alot has been said in the news recently about a man named Harold Camping and his followers, they believe that the world is going to end on October 21st, 2011 and that the rapture will take place on May 21st, 2011. He claims to have decoded these dates from the Bible and other significant dates through out time.

I had debating on talking about this because really I don’t know much about Christianity to debate weather or not it’s going to happen but Camping and his followers have become a but of a laughingstock in just about every community out there. I feel bad for them to be viewed as this way, they truly believe it why are we judging them? Everyone is entitled to their own believes and laughing at these guys make us no better then everyone else that we get upset at.

That being said I would like try to understand them better and see how they came on to this date.

I understand that they are going against basic  Christian teaching by predicting a date, a friend sent me an article which it note passages in the Bible that say not to do just that. Though Camping and his followers refer to Daniel 12:9-13 which does refer to a set number of days but I don’t quite know what they refer to since I am so not a Bible expert.  I just wonder why they think against all teaching that only God knows the date that they have found out against all odds? I know the Bible is open to interpretation but I really don’t think there is much wiggle room on that one??

But they aren’t a minority, people of all religions try and predict the end. The Mayans and many other Native American religions had some. Most had signs that would show them the end is near and the Mayans actually had a date in mind. Though some argue that the Mayans actually aren’t predicting the end of the world but instead the end of the an era or the start of a new age of thinking. I tend to agree with the later because I see ourselves already on the way to that new era of thinking with us being more aware of our effect on the world around us, but that’s just me.

Needless to that end of the world predictions will be around as long as the world is and will always cause controversy no matter what.



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