So I decided to go with one I hoped was still widely practiced. I’m not really sure if it is or not because most of the info I found was in past tense but there was atleast more of a connectivity(<—–Look at that I used a big word correctly! Well I hope)  through the different websites.

Inuit religion holds the belief that had a spirit or a soul, not just humans, they called it Anirniit. They believed that it was part of the sky and air around them and that it was merely borrowed for a time. They also believed that once the spirit was released it could take revenge on anyone, which is why they did certain rituals or customs. For example the deceased belongings were placed on their grave to help them in the afterlife, so they wouldn’t haunt their family members.

Shamans also had a very strong role in their religion, often acting as mediators between people and spirits.Though the more I have read on this the more I feel it deserve their own post. Tomorrow I will go in more detail for the role Shamans played in the different Native American religions.

Alot of the Inuit religion has been lost due to the bringing of Christianity to the region. Not saying Christianity purposefully wiped them out, just that the old ways were forgotten with the new.

The more I have read on the Native American religions the more I see that all of us on this Earth are connected. I think that what I will take away from this month more than anything.



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