So I actually was doing quite a bit of research on the different tribes and what not when my wonderful daughter closed down all my windows 😦 Ah well that’s what she’s taught to do, I guess in the future, mom will save her work better!
I did find this awesome website with a huge collection of Indian myths and legends 🙂 http://www.native-languages.org/legends.htm   Had no clue there were even that many tribes! Actually the whole website seems to have alot of good solid info to it, I’m enjoying exploring it.

It is hard to find credible sources on the Native American religions,  most seem to contradict each other and some are just designed to slur the European settlers. I fear most is just lost to time and we will never get it back. The folklore does help give some picture to them though.

I’ll just have to keep digging 🙂



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