So I as soon as I typed in the words Aztec religion all the things came up for HUMAN SACRIFICE!!!! I’m not knocking what they did but it amazes me that that’s the first thing to come up. Other religion did the same thing, just not maybe on such a grand scale. Plus most of the so called victims went willingly because in their culture it was an honor.

Enough on that rant though!
Aztec religion is their culture. Everything they did was to appease a God/ess but it was not insure their place in the afterlife, it was more to make their life now easier. How you lived your life on Earth had nothing to do with your afterlife just how you died did. If you died as a warrior or as a mother giving birth you went right to Heaven, but if you died another way you had to fight through Hell to get there and there 9 hells!

Another focus on the Aztec religion is their belief in the end of times. They believed that the Gods had created the world 5 times. Now here’s where I found variations in the stories, I guess when your culture has been wiped out there will be errors :-S. Basically though they foretold the end of the in 2011. It is very interesting to read and eerie how close it is to other cultures that were 1000’s of mile away at the time!

Here’s a break down of their Pantheon of Gods

Cultural Gods
Tezcatlipoca – means “Smoking Mirror”, a panmesoamerican shaman God, omnipotent universal power.
Quetzalcoatl – means “Feathered Serpent”, a panmesoamerican god of life, the wind and the morningstar
Tlaloc – a panmesoamerican god of rain, storm, water and thunder
Mixcoatl – means “Cloud Serpent”, the tribal God of many of the Nahua people such as the Tlaxcalteca, god of war, sacrifice and hunting
Huitzilopochtli – means “Left-handed Hummingbird”, the tribal God of the Mexica of Tenochtitlan, god of war and sacrifice

Nature gods
Tonatiuh – The Sun
Metztli – The Moon
Tlaltecuhtli – means “Earth Lord”, Goddess of the Earth
Chalchiuhtlicue – means “Jade Her Skirt”, goddess of springs
Centzon Huitznahua – means “The 400 Southerners”, Gods of the stars
Ehecatl the Wind, often conflated with Quetzalcoatl and called “Quetzalcoatl-Ehecatl”
Xipe Totec “Our flayed lord” wearing a human skin depicted in the Codex Borgia.

Gods of creation
Ometeotl/Ometecutli/Omecihuatl/Tonacatecutli/Tonacacihuatl – The double-gendered creator god
Huehueteotl/Xiuhtecutli – means “Old God” and “Turquoise Lord”, god of origin, time, fire and old age
Coatlicue/Toci/Teteo Innan/Tonantzin – female progenitor goddesses

Gods of Pulque and excess
Tlazolteotl – Goddess of filth and guilt and of cleansing
Tepoztecatl – God of Pulque worshipped at Tepoztlan
Xochiquetzal – Goddess of pleasure and indulgence, and sex
Mayahuel – Goddess of Pulque and Maguey
The Auiateteo:
Centzon Totochtin – “the 400 Rabbits”, god of drunkenness
Ometochtli – means “Two Rabbit”, leader of the Centzon Totochtin, god of fertility, and drunkenness
Xochipilli wearing a deerskin as depicted in the Codex Borgia.

Gods of maize and fertility
Xipe Totec – means “Our Flayed Lord”, Fertility god associated with spring, patron god of goldsmiths
Cinteotl – God of maize
Xilonen/Chicomecoatl – Goddess of tender maize
Xochipilli means “Flower Prince”, god of happiness, flowers, pleasure and fertility

Gods of death and the underworld
Mictlantecutli – Lord of the underworld
Mictlancihuatl – Queen of the underworld

Yacatecutli – means “Nose Lord”, god of merchants
Patecatl – god of doctors and medicine

I’m sure I could spend a month on them alone but really there only some much blood and end of times a girl can take. Hopefully I pick a more peaceful one next!



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