International Pagan Coming Out Day

Today is of course International Pagan Coming Out Day! What this means is that Pagans across the world are encouraged to be open about who they are to gain more acceptance in communities, workplaces and just our daily lives.

Some of you know that I am myself a Witch. My own personally journey into the Craft can be found here ~
Today though I would like to answer some of the questions most of us get asked in hopes of clearing the air a bit~

Do you worship the Devil?
Nope I don’t believe in him or any other form of ultimate evil.

Who are your Gods?
It varies from witch to witch. I personally have a relationship with the God and Goddess. It helps me achieve balance in my life.

Are there “White” Witches?
Nope. Generally people who refer to themselves as “white” witches  are trying to make people believe they are good and pure. It just isn’t true, the Craft is about balance. We have the ability to be good or evil in us and we are meant to achieve a balance between the two.

What is a coven and are you in one?
The best way for me to describe a coven for outsiders is to call it a church. It’s when like minded individuals gather during holidays and other Holy days. I myself do not belong to one nor do I desire too.

Do witches have to be female? And are the males called Warlocks?
No witch can be female or male and still be called a witch. Warlocks are usually people who have no idea what they are talking about. Warlock means oath breaker or just generally a liar.

What’s the deal with Halloween?
It’s more like a time to get your stuff in order for the next year then anything. You get new altar items, clean out old spells and stuff of that general nature. It is also a time when we remember those who have crossed over before us. We celebrate their lives and what they meant to us along with telling them we miss them. No weird raising the dead stuff just remembering them

Do you sacrifice animals?
Nope. We hold all life as sacred and feel animals are family.

Where do you go when you die?
To the Summerlands for a rest before the next life.

These are just some general questions I thought some of you would like answers to. If you have more feel free to ask! My email is

This day and what it stand for is important to me because I feel no one should have to hide who they are! We shouldn’t have to worry about prosecution for our beliefs anymore, we are who we are and that what makes this life worth it.



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