Well I started to do the standard summary and realized most of that had been covered in facts facts! So I’ll just go right to what I learned! The one thing that stands out most in my mind for this religion is how they really aren’t all that caught up on how other define them and their religion. They seem to just know what’s in their hearts and that’s all they need. It’s a very freeing thought for me.

I also learned the truth about cows! I had really always thought they were the ultimate reincarnation for them. Turns out that they are just worth more alive then dead. Kinda a little sad about that one! 😦 hahaha!

Hinduism and the other Eastern religions always seem so natural to me. They seem so attuned to their spiritual side and the world around, it’s a breath of fresh air after some of the stodgy politicalness of the Western world.

Well next month is Native American. I know this one is going to be rough! There are just so many different ones and I don’t know if there’s a commonality or not, but I guess I’ll find out.



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