Happy Holidays

The only real Hindu holiday I know about is Holi, the one where the throw colors at each other. It seems so fun, but I have no idea why they do it ar what it represents I just know some people I would love to throw stuff at 🙂

•Holi – festival of colors and spring (February-March)~ turns out to one of the least religious holidays they have. It celebrates spring and is a time when social norms are disregarded, a merriment is had by all. They throw colors at each other to celebrate the coming of spring and all it wonder, bright colors

•Mahashivaratri (Shiva Ratri) – night sacred to Shiva (February-March)~ It is spent mediating on Shiva and fasting throughout the day. At night Hindus stay awake keeping a vigil, it is because legend has it the gods inadvertaly let loose a poison the threatened to destroy the world but Shiva drank to save us. Shiva was strong enough not to surcome to the poison but had to stay awake all night in order to heal, so the other gods helped him.

Rama Navami – birthday of Lord Rama (April)~It is a holy day spent fasting, for it said if you don’t you will suffer the worst kind of Hell. Rama also grants the wishes of those who pray to him on this day.

Krishna Jayanti – birthday of Lord Krishna (July-August) A 24 hour fast is held this day and broken at midnight when Krishna was born.Singing and great rejoicing take place on this day. Temples to Krishna are decorated and his life story is acted out. 

Raksābandhana – renewing bonds between brothers and sisters (July-August) could not find much on this holiday other than what is listed

Kumbh Mela – pilgrimage every 12 years to four cities in India (July-August; last one 2003) pretty much self-explanatory. It is said to be a good place to die, so alot of ritual suicides take place at the pilgrimage site

Ganesha-Chaturthi (Ganesha Utsava) – festival of Ganesh (August-September)Celebrating the birth of Ganesh

Navaratri – festival of Shakti (in Bengal) or Rama’s victory over Ravana (South India) (September-October)Celebrated for 10 days, the first 9 days are dancing and worship, on the 10th day the victory of good over evil is celebrated

Diwali – festival of lights and Laksmi (September-October)For some it is New years eve.

Hinduism is a hard religion mainly because each of the different villages have their own Gods and way of worship which also means their own Festivals too. Alot of these I had a hard time finding out what exactly their purpose was and how they were celebrated cause it was hard to find two websites that agreed even on the dates. So this is a small list of some of the festivals I could find. I encourage you to look them up on your own because of all the differenced.



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