4 Goals

So I knew that Hindus believed in reincarnations, much like some of the other religions I have studied so far. Some people find reincarnation very unsettling,most of the website I found called it cynical, I guess for some it is hard to see there are more lessons that can be learned in one life.

To learn more about the Hindus afterlives and their beliefs you have to first look at what they consider “the purpose of life” is. They have not 1 but 4 they feel they must achieve of the cycle of rebirths.

Dharma~ Fulfilling ones purpose.
It also means living morally and ethically at all times. Another aspect of Dharma deals with 5 debts that need to be paid, Hindus believe that they are born being in Karmic debt and that they will also have more. Their goal is to “pay” off this debt.
the 5 debts are as follows;
1. Debt to the gods for their blessings; paid by rituals and offerings.
2.Debt to parents and teachers; paid by supporting them, having children of one’s own and passing along knowledge.
3.Debt to guests; repaid by treating them as if they were gods visiting one’s home.
4.Debt to other human beings; repaid by treating them with respect.
5.Debt to all other living beings; repaid by offering good will, food or any other help that is appropriate.

*note Dharma has a different meaning in Buddhism*

Artha~ Prosperity
Artha is prosperity or success in worldly pursuits. Although the ultimate goal of Hinduism is enlightenment, the pursuit of wealth and prosperity is regarded as an appropriate pursuit for the householder (the second of four life stages). It also ensures social order, for there would be no society if everyone renunciated worldly life to meditate. But while Hindus are encouraged to make money, it must be within the bounds of dharma.

Kama~ Pleasure
We have all heard of the Karma Sutra, right? Well this is the reason it exists. Hindus believe enjoying life and taking part of it’s natural pleasures is part of life ultimate goal, as long as you remember Dharma .

Moksha~ Enlightenment
This is considered to the be the highest purpose of life, although very few can achieve it in a single lifetime and there are a variety of paths to attain it. It is considered the ultimate end of every Hindu’s life, which can be understood in a variety of ways: liberation from rebirth, enlightenment, Self-realization, or union with God.

This was alot less confusing for me than the Gods and I really think it gives me a better understanding. Just knowing these are what every Hindu wants to attain makes them seem……..well it’s hard to put into words. I find the Eastern religions are really satisfying to study and really help my own spirit moe than some of the Western ones!





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