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So I have been reading up on Hindu Gods the last few days, there are alot of them too.  It gets really confusing on which are individual gods or just avatars of one. I did find out that their gods and goddesses are instead called Devas and  Devis, the Sanskrit words for them.

Most of the articles I found tended to say that Hinduism is a monotheistic religion with heavy polytheistic influence, some even referred to it as a pantheistic religion. To say the least it is a theistic religion but I’m not quite sure on how else to define it. Making it hard is the followers themselves, who really could care less about our western labels. They know there is a supreme force out there and it takes whatever form needed. It is refreshing to find a group to needing to be defined to be religious. They remind me of  the followers of Buddhism.

A list of some of their Devas and Devis can be found here~  It’s not complete list nor will you ever find one, the towns and villages all have their own and many individuals have their own personal ones too.

Hopefully I will carve out sometime tomorrow to cover the afterlife.



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  1. Hinduism is very interesting I think in that there is a lot of tantric practice also, which certain sects of Buddhism has. A lot of the meditation techniques for developing concentration in Buddhism are actually derived from the Hindus

    I’m glad you’re keeping up with the blog, it’s interesting to see all the things you’re running into


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