The Islam faith holds the Qur’an as the unaltered word of God. They believe that it was repeatedly revealed from Allah to Muhammad verbally through the angel Jibrīl (Gabriel) over a period of approximately twenty-three years, beginning in 610 CE, when he was forty, and concluding in 632 CE, the year of his death.It is said he had it memorized and had his followers due the same, though after his death they choose then to write it down.

The Qurʾan is not arranged either chronologically or thematically, and I’m actually quite confused on this part. I think if I understand correctly it is arranged be length?

it is written on a poetic form that some believe humans could not have achieved. They also claim it contains accurate prophecy and that no other book does.Composed in 114 verses or surah(s) of varying lengths, the Quran covers a wide range of subjects, containing rules and regulations regarding worship and the life of the community, the laws of the family: like marriage, divorce and inheritance. Basically the same info most others religious texts cover.

The Islamic faith does hold other texts in high regard, the Torah, Psalms and Gospel . Though they believe they have been corrupted over time.

Sorry if the post seems a bit loopy but I am on cold meds for the 100th time this month!



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