I need a break………………………..

I am starting to get so upset with everyone BS. Everyone hates everyone, someones always doing something that the others feel is so “barbaric”, and everyone just wants to be left alone but they can’t stop throwing stones! I am not talking about any certain group here, I am talking about everyone! Jews, Christians, Atheists, Witches, and all the others, they all need to grow up!

Before you start in on me, I KNOW IT’S NOT EVERYONE! I know it because I know people out of alot of those groups who are awesome people and who have respect for others but right now I am just seeing enough of those kinds of people. I am instead seeing the hate filled morons spewing forth their supposed righteous message to idiot sheep who follow them everywhere and agree with every last thing they say.

I am over it and I am tired, I am going to step back from all of the religious groups and religious topics I follow for the next 3 weeks. I am going to focus on my  own spirituality in that time. I will still be researching Islam but won’t be posting any info intill the end of the 3 weeks. I am sorry to those who follow and enjoy this blog but if I don’t take a break I think I am going to just hate everyone……….

See ya’ll on March 30th when I post all my Islam info ’till then….


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  1. Posted by Joanna Wilson on March 11, 2011 at 9:17 am

    Everyone is entitled to a break and this is supposed to be fun after all. Hope the break does some good for you and will be skimming back posts to catch up. 🙂


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