6 fundamental beliefs

All Muslims share these 6 core beliefs in their faith. They are

1. A single, indivisible God.

They believe that Allah is one God and creator of everything.
Any other so called “Gods” have been created and are not him.
Angels and Prophets are servants to Allah.
Prophets like Jesus and Muhammad have no godhood and are still just servants.
He created Mankind out of nothing, and made them the best.
Mankind is not permitted to worship anyone other than him and whoever does not is considered an infidel or disbeliever.

2. The angels
Angels were created to worship Allah, to carry out his commands and to be his messengers to his Prophets.
One of the angels is Gabriel who used to bring down Revelation to Prophet Muhammad .
Another Angel is Michael who is in charge of rain falling.
A third one is the “Angel of Death” who is in charge of taking the souls of people whose death is due.
Angels are meant to be respected and honored not worshiped.

3. The divine scriptures
Among them are the Sheets of Ibrahim, Taurat revealed to Moosa, Az-Zabour revealed to Dawood, The Injil revealed to Isa, and The Qur’an sent down to Muhammad.
They believe that the Jews and Christians have distorted some parts of their books and they now hold false truths.
However the Qur’an has been kept free from corruption and whatever, in those books,that differs from the Qur’an is corrupted or abrogated.

4. The Messengers of God
Some of the messengers of Allah were Nooh (Noah), Ibrahim (Abraham), Moosa (Moses), Isa (Jesus), and Muhammad.
The first Prophet was Adam, father of mankind.
Muhammad, the Prophet of Islam is the Seal (the last) of the prophets. No prophet is to come after him up to the end of this world.

5. The Day of Judgment
They believe that there will be another world after this world. When the dead will be resurrected and those who believed in Allah will go to heaven and the infidels will go to Hell.

6. The supremacy of God’s will
They believe that everything is predetermined by Allah.

It is very similar to other Monotheistic religions so far. In fact it refers to Christians and Jews not as infidels but as People of the Books……….kinda sounds like they don’t hate everyone huh?
















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