It’s my Party and I’ll write if I wanna!

So today is my 28th birthday YAY ME! -) And it got me thinkin’ every year at the new year we make resolutions that most of us don’t keep because throughout the year we forget or get discouraged. On our birthdays though we all have the look back at the last year moment and the look forward at the next year moment so why not make resolutions then?? Well this year I am!

By the time I am 29 I will have accomplished these things;
1. I will start writing on an actual story, doesn’t matter the plot or how long it is but when I am 29 I will have something to send to publishers!
2. I will paint!!! I will buy canvases, paint brushes and paint and I  will accomplish atleast one painting to hang in out house by the time I am 29
3.I will be healthier! No more pop and more exercise!
4. I will make time for my spiritual side everyday! Not once a week, everyday!
5. I will have more crazy stories to tell because I will have crazy adventures!I use to all the time 10 years ago and having kids is no excuse not to now!! There still is a wild child in me  and she needs some air!
6.I will make more time for my Tombert!
7. I will finish the house! When I am 29 I will have a Hallway, upstairs  Bathroom,Our Bedroom and a  Study  that people can use! And that I don’t care if they see!
8. I will do more for my kids! Even if it means making my life less about them and more about who I am, they need to know their mom is a person and not just someone who does things for them or because of them.

I think those are what I wanna accomplish in the next year! I know they may seem selfish but I need to stop disappearing in to my family or I won’t be there for them in the future! My kids need to realize that my world isn’t all about them, because they will just get more and more selfish. I need these things for myself or I will start to resent them and tear us apart!

What would your list include for your next birthday????



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  1. Posted by Joanna Wilson on March 7, 2011 at 7:51 am

    This is a really neat idea, then again you always come up with some neat ones 🙂 Really I think a lot of people get “trapped” in a role in a family and loose their identity totally, which scares me a lot. I don’t see it as selfish, I see it as being very bold and honest about what you need and most women end up forgetting that they can be a person too. Your goals sound realistic and I’ll do what I can to help you out on the crazy adventures 😀 I’ll try to come along on that healthier bit as much as I can too.

    Mine would probably look like:
    1. Play more games, life isn’t all worry and work.

    2. Get my weight under control and figure out an exercise routine that works with my problems. I don’t want to be that 400 lb person in the motorized wheel chair, there has to be a way to keep fit even with a spinal problem.

    3. Get some direction, I feel like I”m wasting time with my life. Too many directions and I need to pick one before inaction causes me to loose them all.

    4. I will make special time for just me and my husband doing something fun. No worries, just me and him, weather it is games, a date, going for a walk, it really doesn’t matter but I need to make more time for him instead of my worries.

    5. Show my rabbits, I have some really good ones and I need to get on this show thing and get them out there. I will go to at least 2 shows this year and I will enter at least one of my bucks in one of them.

    For now that’s all I’ve got but it’s some big goals to me.

    Happy Birthday Lucy! I hope today is awesome for you and I’ll see you soon!!!


    • Tom has knee issues and he’s going to do the elliptical and water cause they are suppose be low impact so you might wanna look in to them! Next time your up you can come with me to the Y and explore it a bit if ya wanna!
      We all need so happiness in our lives! I think that’s why we sometimes miss the old times because we were so happy and carefree! We need to capture it again!
      You don’t know how many moms look at me in horror when I talk about my kids and needing time away to be myself! It’s like if your a mom that’s all ya get, no more being a person outside of them or doing things that aren’t for them! And you can’t be real about your kids anymore, meaning I can’t admit to any of my children faults or they look at me like I’m a monster! I don’t down my kids but I know how they can be about things and what kinda attitude they get, so what I can’t be open about it and try to correct it? People seem more judgmental now more than ever!


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