I got what was probably a spam comment but it stuck with me. It said that the last few articles have sucked basically, and I agree! Between me and everyone else being sick this month the blog has really suffered for it! I’m going to set an hour every day aside to maintain this site because this is an important journey to me and I need this! *crosses fingers* So here’s hoping to an easier March!

What I took away from this one this month is so much! I was truly surprised with everything I learned about Judaism. I had so many preconceived ideas that it would be alot like Christianity and there weren’t as many similarities as I thought there would be. I think thats where I got hung up on and why I had such I hard time understanding it, I thought of Judaism as the grandfather to Christianity and that there would be so many similarities between the 2 but they aren’t that many! I was surprised by their views on the afterlife too, I never thought I would relate to them the way I did. I still look forward to visiting a temple and viewing a worship ceremony in the near future.

Tomorrow starts Islam for me! Really looking forward to learning more about this one since it has gotten such a bad rep the last 10ish years!



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