They hate me, They hate me not, They hate me!!

So in this religious quest I come across a lot of stuff! Sometimes it’s just weird, other times thought provoking, and sometimes it just plain pisses me off.

Lately I have been coming across articles on how witchcraft brainwashes people and how to save them from it! Or how to convert witches! WTF?? Why???? I think in America I can safely say that  the average person would list Witch in their top 3 people they would hate to have a dinner! Why you might ask? Because your taught at every chance that it is okay to hate them, that they are so far beneath you that who cares? That everyone goes the the rebellious witchcraft phase in their lives, not to worry it’s not a really religion anyways! No one cares that there are people out there who take this seriously and who follow the paganism practices as sacredly as any other religion!

If you treated one of the other religions like this people would be coming at you with lawsuits, there would be coverage one at least one major news source, and they would be those angry picketers stand outside of whomsoever’s  place to let them know they were pissed. You do this for witchcraft and you would be called hippies and laughed at. The only other 2 religious beliefs that fall into this category with us, they are Muslims and Atheists, I can safely say that they would get a completely different reaction then us though, they would probably be lynched on site!

We claim we are such an enlightened society but yet all the stupid reasons people went to war 1000’s of years ago are still so prevalent. So I do disagree with the theory of evolution on that, because we just keep getting dumber and dumber showing no signs of evolving but rather de-evolving. It’s always going to be like this, religion isn’t dangerous the people following it are. We keep proving that over and over again.

Who cares what people believe? If they aren’t harming themselves or others why do we need to treat them like 3rd class citizens? I know since I mentioned Witchcraft, Muslim and Atheist all in the same post someone out there will get bitch and point out that one 3 at some point have harmed someone, I would like to point out that so has just about every other religion in the world! The only exception probably being Buddhism. Everyone has the stupid group that associates themselves with them and takes crap to an extreme level, they don’t speak for the whole belief system! So keep that in mind next time you wanna jump on the everyone hates____ Bandwagon. I’m willing to bet your beliefs on centered on hating someone so why are you?



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