What I learned~Buddhism

I actually learned a lot! I had thought I knew a lot about this religion and it turns out i so didn’t know as much as I thought!  Thier reincarnation views are still a bit confusing to me, but they really got me thinking about me own views on reincarnation! I loved the 4 Noble truths! They seemed to come up right as I need to let go of somethings and realize life’s not going to be perfect! I loved that out of the religions of philosophies I have studied so far this one seems to be  peaceful and have the most common sense.  Buddhism is a beautiful and wonderful religion if I wasn’t a witch I would defiantly be a Buddhist!

On Tuesday I start Judaism, I don’t know with the weather if I’ll be able to visit a synagogue seeing as there are none in my town! I think the most frustrating thing about this journey is the fact that my town has only Christian Churches! I have to travel at least an hour to visit any other religion! Life in southern Ohio I guess!

Welp on a break till Tuesday!



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  1. I like the 4 Noble Truths too, I think every buddhist teaching in one or the other includes those 4 elements. Looking forward to reading about what you think about a synagogue if you find one =D


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