Buddhism Summery


Basic Beliefs
4 Noble Truths, 8 FoldPath,Five Precepts, Reincarnation

Deities Worshipped
none Basically but some do believe in a God

2,500 years ago

Scared Texts
Tripitaka (Pali Canon),Mahayana Sutras,Tibetan Book of the Dead

Buddhist New Year,Vesak,Magha Puja Day,Asalha Puja Day,Uposatha,Pavarana Day,Kathina Ceremony,Anapanasati Day ,Abhidhamma Day,Songkran,Loy Krathong,The Ploughing Festival,The Elephant Festival,The Festival of the Tooth,The Festival of the Tooth,Avalokitesvara’s (Kuan Yin) Birthday

They believe in the reincarnation cycle

Places of Worship

Cultural Impact
Buddhism is one of the fastest growing religions in the world.


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