Reincarnation~My Story

So I have been researching reincarnation a bit today. I am finding a lot of stories, creepy weird stories! Only because I believe them though! I thought I’d share my reincarnation experience. Some background on all this at the time I hated anything to do with 17th and 18th century and to this day I hate reading anything dealing with the early Americans in those time periods. I was just starting in the Craft and really hadn’t even thought of reincarnation as a option for afterlife.

I was a teenager when I has a very vivid dream. I had flashes of a life that wasn’t mine. I was a little girl standing on the docks dressed in very old-fashioned probley late 18th century holding my father’s hand, who I recognized as my brother in this life, though they looked nothing alike. We were there meeting with another family to talk about setting up a partnership and there was a little boy there who was a little older than me, when I saw him I knew he was the man I was going to marry. The dream suddenly flashes forward and I am at a church attending a funeral for the little boy except he grew up into a man and was lost at sea just a bit before we were suppose to be married, my father was there consoling me. It flashes forward again to where I was moving the things he gave me and reminded me of him to the attic and I was crying so hard! A sister was helping me and I recognized her as a life long friend I have always been close to. The dream ended there and I had no details to go by to research but I am convinced it was a soul memory.

I have had other glimpses but none have ever been as detailed or vivid as this one. I have friends that I know I have reincarnated with before and even have memories of them as my family. I suspect my youngest daughter might be acting out some of her past life memories but she still at to young an age to question her……….

Please please please feel free to share your own thoughts and experiences on the subject!



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