After It All

Okay so I had a sinus infection this week which was good for reading but horrible for writing! :~\
Buddhist believe in reincarnation. If I’m understanding it right, they believe when you pass from one life your immediately reborn into the next one. Your karma decides if you will be reborn higher or lower than the human and if you will be subject to greater or lesser hardships. Good karma could bring you back as a god like figure in a place of luxury and bad karma could bring you back as an animal always looking and worrying about their next meal.
A lot of the Buddhas teachings aren’t about what could or could not happen in the next life it’s about being present in this one. Letting go of worries, fears and the desires that keep us from achieving our true happiness.
Once again please forgive spelling and grammar errors. Hopefully the internet will be back soon at the house and I can really get so more info out there!


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  1. Posted by Steven on January 18, 2011 at 12:19 pm

    I have a lot of interest in Buddhism. I like their philosophies.


    • Yeah they are a lot more complex than I thought they were but they are pretty cool. They seem to be all about making yourself better now and living what you practice. I’m thinking of taking Belle to visit a temple to show her religious diversity.


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