Siddhartha Gutama

~*~the next two post have not been edited!!! Please excuse any mistakes. I have been using a phone to do these and for some reason it won’t let me edit! =~S will fix when I get near a computer. Thanks for understanding~*~
Siddhartha is one of the greatest men our world has ever seen. He started one of the more peaceful religions that survives today. His journey to enlightenment is today the same journey all Buddhist take today.
At his birth a wise Braham soothsayer predicted that Siddhartha would rule over all that land but only if he was kept from death and decay, otherwise he would become a great religious leader. His father tried to keep cloistered in the place away from all the negatives of the world and for a time it worked, but Siddhartha wanted to see the real world. His father arranged and controlled his visit outside the palace walls, but through the crowds Siddhartha saw a man with white hair and beard. He asked a faithful servant “what is this??!” The servant told him this was an old man and that eventually it would happen to everyone. Siddhartha brooded and the king gave him more pleasures and eventually he went back to his one self.
One day on a trip to another country Siddhartha caravan chanced upon a maimed person groaning with a frothy mouth and bloodshot eyes. Again his faithful servant explained to him that the person was ill and that poor diet was likely to blame. The prince brooded once again and again the king lavished him with pleasures.
Reality hit Siddhartha for a third time when by chance on another outing he happened upon a funeral procession, mourners sobbing, while a body at the front of the procession looked just like they were sleeping. Again his faithful servant explained what death is and how nothing could be done for it, no pointing worrying just hope for a long life. This time Siddhartha brooded deeper than ever worrying about himself and his loved ones! The king was saddened to see his son like this and afraid to lose his heir so he pampered him even more.
Once again outside the palace walls Siddhartha encountered a man dressed in a sheet the color of sunshine, walking slowly and carrying only an empty bowl. He radiated tranquility and serene joy. Siddhartha asked and was told this was a monk who had renoced the world in search of spiritual truth. Siddhartha saw this monk as a way to answer the questions he had. The king was beside himself when he heard this.
Then fate intervened and Siddhārthas wife bore him a son. Siddhartha was torn between his duty and his questions. The king took the opportunity to throw a blowout celebration to try to keep the prince close to home. But while being entertained by the by best dancing-girls in the kingdom the prince fell asleep, the girls seeing no reason to keep dancing laid down and went to sleep too. When the prince awoken the once beautiful girls where drooling, gnashing their teeth and sprawled in to awkward positions. That night he set out on his quest.
This is where I pause the Buddha story for today. I will save his journey for later this week and instead will do a reference guide to all the stuff Buddha learned on his path and then taught others!


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