Religion~ Atheism

Basic Beliefs~ Really the only one all Atheist share is that there is no God or Gods

Deities Worshipped~ None

Founded~ Up for debate. Some of the Athiest religions are have been around since recorded history. Though what what most people think of when they think Atheist has been around just a wee bit less. Then non-religious side of atheism can actually trace it’s roots back to the Greeks. Euripides(480–406 BCE) was one of the fist recorded as questioning the exsistance of “gods”.

Scared Texts~ None that are scared to all atheist though I’m sure each movement or religion within atheism actually has there own

Celebrations~ Once again none that everyone does

Afterlife~ Most of the religion considered atheistic usually belief in reincarnation. The other non-religious movement as no belief in the afterlife. Your here for however long and than your gone in to nothing

Places of Worship~None that everyone seems to use

Cultural Impact~ Well the religious side really has none but the non-religious side has been presucted. They are in some ways treated as second class citizens in there own country. Most non-religious athiests choose to stay in the “closet” rather then face the “witchhunt”.


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