Then there are those who stayed

First off read Steve’s blog! He was kind of enough to post his journey on here for me and now he’s got a blog so please read it he has very interesting thoughts.

So finding people who have converted to Atheism is a lot harder than it looks……there are a lot of angry bible bashers out there who really aren’t representing very well! But I went to and started there figuring I’d have better luck, and I did. I hit gold at  in the testimonials section there are a lot of good articles there. Not all are about science overcoming religion either some are just people who knew they weren’t on the right path with religion. A lot of talk about how Atheism set them free.

One of the more well-known  Atheists is Richard Dawkins. Dawkins as wrote many books on the subject and been very out spoken on his beliefs and criticism of religion. He is way too big for me to completely cover here but his unbiased Bio is here

Another Atheist that I know some of my friends will recognize is George Carlin. He was loud and in your face about everything but he also took a moreof a adventuress look at Atheism. He introduced the 2 Commandments a pocket-sized version of the 10 Commandments. Though he probley a bad representation of Atheism I have to say he was one of me favorites.

Also a list of well-known Atheists

Tomorrow I think I shall wrap up Atheism, cause honestly I don’t know what else to cover with it. I will not be giving a list of websites this time becuase honestly most are just angry one way or another. I think I have covered what I can but I am up to suggestions.



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