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I got the first of a correspondence course I signed up for today,it came from a gentleman who was 2nd generation Atheist but is now Christian and has been for 40+ years his name is John Clayton and he runs along with some others. The course is designed to answer the more scientific questions some people may have about the world and the universe. I am really intrigued and excited to see what it have to offer. Through exploring his website though I came across his article on why he left Atheism and it got me wondering if there were other similar stories out there?

I haven’t found many stories but the one that seems to pop up the most is Antony Flew. Flew had evidently been a vocal atheist , criticizing the belief in life after death. In 2004 though he released a book There is a God: How the World’s Most Notorious Atheist Changed His Mind and stated that while he hadn’t converted to Christianity, he now saw evidence in intelligent design with recent discoveries that had been made. Controversy followed both the state and the books release, though since Flew passed  away in April 2010 we shall I guess never know the truth………

Well I did find more attacks than I did valid articles it is a wonder. I found a lot of the blogs snippets I read of those who left were usually 2nd generation Atheists and they were usually led away by scientific reasoning, what that all means, I have no idea I just find it interesting. There are also plenty of people who have converted from a religion into Atheism because of inaccuracies too but that is a blogg for tomorrow morning.

A more complete list if you would like to look~ I was surprised over C.S. Lewis and Kirk Cameron being on the former list……….

Like I said tomorrow I will cover the people who have converted.



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  1. I think the people who start out, or spend a fair amount of time non-Christian and find God in their adult lives seem to really get into it more. C.S. Lewis and Kirk Cameron are both pretty good examples.


    • Those two just kinda blew my mind because they never seem to be out that they were once atheist! Though C.S. Lewis I don’t know if he ever said he was of if they just took his comment “I am mad at God for not existing” and ran with it though?


  2. Posted by godlesspaladin on December 10, 2010 at 11:25 pm

    I’d really be interested in looking into the people who claim that science led them away from atheism. I read Mr. Clayton’s bit about why he left atheism, and one line (among many) really struck me. The part where he get’s told to shut up in biology class and not to ask questions.

    “How did the structure or generation of DNA occur? Once again, this man said, “Young man, that is not a question that falls within the realm of science.” In today’s world we understand more about biochemical processes, but we cannot answer how in the environment of the primitive earth these processes came into operation.”

    This is just absolutely and demonstrably false. The professor who told him this has no business being a professor. Of course it falls within the realm of science! It’s actually an entire field of study called abiogensis! This poor guy was being taught complete junk science. The only things science cannot address are things that don’t exist within our realm of existence. There very well may be something outside of existence (if that sentence can make logical sense) but since there is no evidence or way to falsify such a claim, science cannot speak to it. This really makes me wonder why kind of psuedo-science these ex-atheists learned.

    Another observation, a lot of ex-atheists, or simply people who weren’t real big believers but then convert to passionate believers usually do so in some vulnerable part of their life. (I know that sounds harsh, and I don’t mean for it to be, but it’s just a very common trend) Mr. Clayton describes how he was living a pretty immoral life, how he was very unhappy with himself before he found Christ. One of my best friends growing up was the exact same way, now he’s a Christian fundamentalist. He was really upset about his life (like Mr. Clayton) and decided to devote himself to Christ. (Had we been living in Pakistan he would have devoted himself to Allah, or Buddhism if we were in China, but that’s besides the point)

    I get the sense that these types of people are incapable of being mellow about something. They’re either on fire or they’re ice cold. My best friend (and it sounds like Mr. Clayton as well) was ice cold about his life, really unhappy, and then lurched to the other extreme to (over)correct. I tried to tell my friend “look, it’s ok, you’ve made some mistakes, you’re not very happy with yourself, but you’re not a bad person. Just take some responsibility and try to change your behaviors. It doesn’t mean you have to decide that you’re a scum of the earth sinner who’s going to burn in hellfire, that’s a little extreme” but he’d have none of it. :-\

    I’m by no way trying to insinuate that the people who become religious were never true atheists. (We’re all born without any belief in supernatural beings) There are plenty of people who are atheists and become religious, (even though statistically the trend is massively in the opposite direction) and I’m sure they all have their reasons. I think it’s because of emotional reasons, logical fallacies, and a poor understanding of what science is, but hey, if they’re happy and they’re not hurting anybody, I’ve got no problem with it. Live and let live.

    The only thing I do deeply resent is that for many religious people, their only understanding of atheists comes from ex-atheists like Mr. Clayton who detail the sinful selfish life the led before finding god. It really perpetuates this stereotype that we’re all leading hedonistic lives, secretly unhappy with how empty we feel, and rejecting god out of anger and a desire to sin. :-\


    • Clayton so far is the only one I have found that trys to back up his scientific beilefs, granted this month mailer was alittle lame. ( it was just how lucky we are to have been born on this planet and not some other planet…..not big science there of course we are thriving on this planets it’s the only one in this we could :-S) I’m hoping it gets better one is suppose to show evidence of intelligent design in it. Most of the other have no logic to why they switch, or atleast no evidence backing it up, which was very disappointing for me. The only other guy that I found who actually had science cred behind his name and converted is František Vyskočil, he appeared in this months AWAKE. I can’t find anymore about him on the web but it says he links science and the bible together. His story just makes him sound like a nerd who converted and continued being the nerd he was before.
      Some of the others though your right are about living a bad life then converting. I dismissed alot of those because I wondered if they weren’t just propaganda put out by some so called christians…….
      Though I would love to read Flew’s book a see what coverted him! He not converted back to Christianity he went to theism instead.


  3. Posted by godlesspaladin on December 11, 2010 at 7:24 am

    Unfortunately if you’re waiting for them to provide evidence for intelligent design, you’ll be waiting a long long time. This is kind of explains the whole thing:
    ID is simply Christian creationism in disguise, and that’s made blatantly obvious every time they try to insert it into the science curriculum. Besides the lack of evidence, one of the biggest reasons ID isn’t science is that science provides falsifiable explanations for why things behave the way they do, and most importantly, you can make predictions on future behavior from this. ID doesn’t come up with any hypothesis to explain the world other than “My version of god did it.”
    It’s bad theology too since in order to try and hide the fact that it’s Christian creationism, they try to make god as deistic as possible, even though the people who push this have a very specific god in mind.
    I’ve been checking out the “science” portion of his website and it’s all quote mining and complete misunderstanding of science. The child section is especially bad. If you’re interested, Neil deGrasse Tyson, an astrophysicist, has a really great and funny short video on why everything is very badly “designed”


    • lol 🙂 well for me I always look at as you just never know what science is going to unearth next. Orsan Scott Card said it best for me You really can’t prove science 100% (I’m sure thats not the exact quote either :-S) The difference is science evoles and admits mistakes and most religion doesn’t. One day they may prove intelligent design and one day they may disprove it without a doubt I still like hearing the opinions of everyone though.
      I doubt intelligent design for our design. Who puts a playground next to the sewer plant always comes to mind 😀


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