85 Questions from The Nature of Exsitance

Finally Finished it!!


Why do we exist?

To help our soul grow and evolve in to higher plans

What is the best thing about existing?

Love, Happiness, Kids, Parents, Puppy Kisses 🙂 Lots of stuff!

What is our purpose?

To grow and better ourselves

Is the world a better place for having had humans in it?

I could say that not with some humans but truth be told even the ones we think are negative and horrible people still leave a positive legacy behind by prevent at least one soul from wanting to be like them

How can we improve humanity?

Promoting understanding and open-mindedness

What is the best advice or philosophy for living?

Don’t know still figuring that one out for myself……


What is religion?

a spiritual pathway to higher understanding

Why are there multiple religions?

Because people are different and need different paths to achieve enlightenment

Should religions be challenged?

When they hurt people and hinder their growth

Is skepticism a good thing?

Yeppers are we’d all still be sitting around thinking the earth was flat

Why do people get angry when their beliefs are challenged?

Because of their own insecurities about them

Which religion is right?

no one can say

Can all religions be correct?

I feel they are as long as they are teaching love and helping growth

What does fear have to do with belief?

People fear change and because of this it they create beliefs based on keeping change from happening

Do we have a need to believe in something?

Helps us grow and become better people

What is spirituality?

Not needing a religion but believing in something bigger than yourself anyways


Can religion and science coexist?

I think that they are like sibling fighting for a parents attention, they are alike in some many ways

What’s the difference between religion and science?

Science demands facts and religion is fine without them

Can a religion change with society?

yes sometimes for the better but a lot of time history as shown us it’s for the worse

Was man created or did he evolve?

he was created and then evolved over time to what we are now


Is there a God?

I believe so I don’t define him as the Monotheistic religions do though

What is the definition of God?

My definition is that he is all that I consider to be man, he is a father to his children and loves them no matter what. He is a mate to his Goddess always providing what she needs

What gives you certainty in your belief?

My faith waivers some days but I feel the Goddess and God with me and I see their care here on earth

How do you deal with doubt?

I rationalize it and think it through

Who created God?

I believe they are highly enlightened souls who emerged at the beginning of the universe

Is God male or female?

There is a God and Goddess for me

What does God need from us?

What every parent needs for their children Love, Respect and they want for us to be happy

Who is/are the Messiah(s)?

Messiah are people touched by the Gods and I believe we all are

Who is the Devil?

I have hard time believing in him…..


What is faith?

Faith is everywhere in your life, not just in your spirituality. It is believing in anything.

What is a fact?

Fact it what we consider to be true but it is really just faith that no one is wrong

How can we tell which is which?

No it is all faith for me


What is truth?

That is up to each person

How do we determine truth?

We decide what feels right to us

Which truth is right?

Whatever one helps you


Is the holy-book(s) literally true?

If you’re talking about books like the bible and such I have no idea

What is the origin of the holy book(s)?

No clue

How do we accept a holy book that positively portrays unacceptable behaviors like slavery, incest, murder, etc.?

it’s a picture of how society was at the time. Of course when your apart of a small tribe incest is acceptable to for the tribe to prosper. Slavery was viewed as war-time spoils and murder was revenge. They are still in our society today just to a lesser degree

Can we take what we like about a religion/belief system and make our own version and throw out the rest?

Yeppers I’m a witch and that kinda how we roll! lol and all religions have it’s part of the evolution of religion


What is morality?

Knowing what is right and wrong not just what is acceptable and not

Is there a moral yardstick that applies to all cultures?

Oh yeah

Where does morality, or our “conscience,” comes from?

From within ourselves

Is altruism or morality possible without belief in a deity?

Yes I think Buddhism proves this point perfectly


What is sin?

no clue I believe in Karma and if you wrong someone in any way knowingly then it will comeback around

What is the punishment for sin?

no clue See above

Is thought the same as deed?

No Thoughts sometimes help us work through issues and prevent us from acting on them

Does God want to test us? Why?

The gods don’t test us they set a paths before and let us travel on our own occasionally giving guidance


Should a person have sex before marriage?

That is an issue up to an individual I feel it was okay for me and if my daughters choose to do it safely when they reach that point in their lives I’d be okay with it

Is masturbation a sin?

Nope but too much will harm you

What determines sexual orientation?

Hmmmm…….tough I think it’s determined by the soul

Why is God interested in our sexual behavior?

They aren’t. As long as it’s consensual then they don’t care

Should women be treated differently than men?

Nah we aren’t any more special than dudes


Do we have free will?


Is everything predetermined?

I believe gods guide towards a needed pathway every now and again to help achieve your destiny

What entity predetermined fate or destiny?



Why is there suffering?

Hmmm that’s tough one too Some suffering is a result of lessons to be learned others is strictly man-made and the Gods can’t directly intervene so it takes time to end it

What is best path to happiness?

That I can’t answer I know my path for Happiness but I don’t know anyone elses

Does God intercede in human tragedies?

They can’t directly interfere with human lives but I do believe they try to direct help to where it is needed


Does prayer work?

I don’t pray I do spells and most of the time they are very effective

If so, why does God allow holocausts, and disasters?

natural disasters are mother being out of balance and can’t be stopped but are helped not be as bad by the gods. The same with man-made disasters

If not, why pray?

Praying is just about more than just getting your prayers answered, sometimes it helps you find a solution yourself buy just saying them out loud.

Does meditation work?

It is very calming and does help focus your mind

How does meditation work?

It cleanses your mind-body and soul plus helps calm ya


What is a soul?

us! Our thoughts and memories through different lifetimes

Do animals have souls?

Yes they do

Does a soul have the same thoughts and feelings when outside the body?

Yes and more

If a soul does not carry our memories, then what is a soul since it is our memories that make us up?

I don’t know I answered yes to the memory part………

What purpose does a brain serve if a soul can exist and feel without it?

It helps us control the body we are in now


Is there an afterlife?


Where is it?

on a different plane of existence

Where do we go after death?


Why do we need an afterlife?

To rest and recharge between lives


When does life begin?

Somewhere in the first month

When should abortion be allowed?

It is not my place to say what another woman can and cannot do with her own body if she feels she needs one then she should be allowed too. Personally I don’t think I’d ever get one though not with adoption options out there

Is it ever appropriate to kill another person?

Depends if you’re defending your life and the lives of loved ones then you should but I life given should never be taken lightly


What are supernatural beliefs?

Depends on who you ask….I say anything out of the ordinary

Are there extraterrestrials?


Who are they?

I don’t haven’t met one yet that I know of…… O.o

Do psychics work, and if you are religious, are they allowed?

They are allowed in mine and to an extent I believe in them

Where do the voices in our heads come from?

Lots of places, ourselves, Gods, friends who have crossed the veil….


Will there be a doomsday?

If we keep going the way we are we will create one

What is the greatest danger facing man’s existence?


How do we stop conflict?

We can’t people are different and it’s those difference tha make us fight but taking those away would take away our individuality

Should different cultures be preserved, or are our cultural differences the source of strife?

They should cultures are wonderful and preserving them can help us learn from their mistakes

Should political leaders invoke a deity in decisions or policy?

no separation of church and state


9 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by godlesspaladin on December 10, 2010 at 11:29 pm

    This is really neat. Obviously I differ on some things, but I think we really agree on a lot of important stuff. Thanks for sharing. ^_^


  2. I love that you took the time to thoughtfully consider all my questions. It took me four years to present the questions to a couple hundred people all over the world but still, I never tire hearing people’s responses. Roger Nygard http://www.TheNatureOfExistence.com


    • I’m just floored you read mine! I am really looking forward to seeing your movie, it’s at the top of my holiday list to Santa! 🙂 Thanks so much for reading!


  3. Roger you did a great job on the film, but you missed the truth about the whole thing. You research a religious point of view and the truth is that the answer comes from above and I don’t mean God, but our brothers and sister from space. If you had did a little more reaserch into the where God came from you would have found the true nature of our existance. I will tell you why we are here. We are here to live life and to experience everything and anything, THAT’S IT! And when you die you bring all that you have learned and experienced to the akashik records and you do life all over agin and again many, many times, to do the same information collecting until that day that you have reached that point in existance that you no longer need to do it. Then after that you move on.


  4. Posted by JWCamp on January 17, 2011 at 2:32 pm

    Many of these questions lean toward the assumption that there is a God. The “survey” is loaded toward the religious and is biased.


    • JWCamp Your comment is right on. It may be that the religious folks are just a few thousand years behind you and I. At the same time our kind have not been around very long. There is certainty in our view, but the light at the end of the tunnel is thousands of years distant. What do you think?


  5. I sent this email to Roger from the contact list on his website. I thought I would share it here for comments. I added a bit more here to see if it would help in communicating my ideas.


    I just watch the nature of existence and liked your effort.

    There was a problem with language and meaning of words that I believe causes lots of confusion and differences in opinion. For instance the question “Is there life after death” sounds like an straight forward question. The problem in the question is what is the definition of life and most definitions use life like we know it or even a better life than we have now after death. If you use that definition for the word life, most people with knowledge, like many you asked, would say no their isn’t life after death. When looking at life this way you lose the ability to, in some way, comprehend the afterlife which is non-dual, and without contrast. We live in a world with contrast and understanding an existence without contrast is something very few people have the ability to comprehend. We live in the world of yin-yang and without darkness light couldn’t exist, without heat cold wouldn’t exist, and that goes for everything in the physical world we find ourselves in. My best description, which really can’t be put into words because words require contrast, is when we leave our physical bodies we become one with everything and nothing at the same time. There isn’t a me and you, there is oneness. So Life after Death is oneness doesn’t make a lot of sense in our physical world and the only time you experience this oneness, while living, is during deep sleep which we never remember. Deep sleep is our highest level of consciousness and our waking state is our lowest level of consciousness.

    I am asked the question a lot, is there life after death, and depending on the level of consciousness of the person asking the question my one word answer is yes or no.

    Another question with the same analogy is good vs evil, where what is called good or evil has nothing to do with their true nature which is neither. Our culture, our experience which varies from person to person, our government molds the decision. We must note without evil, good would have nothing to compare itself to and wouldn’t exist.

    Overall you made a good attempt to explain the unexplainable.

    Please leave comments, it helps me to know what words work when describing the indescribable.


  6. Mr. Nygard: The best part for me is the title. It fits perfectly into one or several of my neuron’s receptor sites. These sites are part of my inherited ability to exist.

    All of the questions and all of the answers add up to a credible beginning of our understanding of “The Nature of Existence”.


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