Christian Atheism/Agnostic

So first off but the stones down. This topic actually is real. There are people who consider them self Christian Atheist and Christian Agnostic.

Christian Atheist definition is an ideology in which the god of Christianity is rejected but the moral teachings of Jesus are followed. Most Christian Atheists believe that God never existed, but there are a few who believe in the death of God literally.
Jesus, although not seen as divine, is still a central feature of Christian Atheism. Most Christian Atheists think of Jesus as a wise and good man, accepting his moral teachings but rejecting the idea of his divinity. Hamilton said that to the Christian Atheist, Jesus is not really the foundation of faith; instead he is a “place to be, a standpoint”. Christian Atheists look to Jesus as an example of what a Christian should be, but they do not see him as a God.

Some Christian Atheists criticize orthodox Christians for not living in the world, for not being connected to the rest of humanity. Jesus Hamilton wrote that following Jesus means being “alongside the neighbor, being for him”, and that to follow Jesus means to be human, to help other humans, and to further mankind.

Christian Agnostic practice a distinct form of agnosticism that applies only to the properties of God. They hold that it is difficult or impossible to be sure of anything beyond the basic tenets of the Christian faith: that God exists, that Jesus has a special relationship with him and is in some way divine, that God should be worshiped and that humans should be compassionate toward one another.

There actually is a lot more on this topic out there too. Along with Jewish atheism and Catholic Atheism. Both along the same lines as the above.

There are also some people who actually theorize that Christianity is one step removed from Atheism.They say Christian teach that anything beyond their god is simple nonexistent. Most teach that tale of creatures not talked about in the bible or their teaching are myths and fairy tales. Much like some atheist teach that anything not proven by science is unreal and a myth.

I didn’t post this to make anyone mad. The goal of this article and this blog is to inform unbaisly.



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  1. So it is kinda like Buddhism in that they don’t worship a God, they have a “righteous” one. I can kinda see that one but I don’t really understand the Christian Agnosticism. It sounds like they are worshipping God, but yet Agnosticism says there is no way of knowing whether there is or isn’t. So I guess my thought is that if you worship to a God then you can’t REALLY be Agnostic.


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