What is Atheism really?

The term atheist is actually from an acient greek insult meaning someone who doesn’t have a god, but it has evoled into a term applied to a broad spectrum of people.

Alot of people believe that atheist are god hating, loose morals individauls and this simple isn’t true. Atheist simple don’t have god or gods in their dogma what they believe outside that is varied. There are some who follow no religion what so ever, then there are the those who follow Buddhism, Jainism, and even Paganism,and some have turned to science as the answer.

I am quickly learning that this “religion” is not all it seems at first glance. It really is an individualies view on the world they are in. May not have much to cover with it but I will cover it.



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  1. Posted by godlesspaladin on December 6, 2010 at 6:03 am

    Hey, I’m not sure who you’re investigating for your month of atheism, but I can recommend a youtube user QualiaSoup and his brother TheraminTrees. They have some of the most calm, rational, well thought-out videos on youtube. (And they’re nicely animated)
    QualiaSoup’s videos on critical thinking, faith, and the lack of belief in gods are three great ones to start with.
    Take care 🙂


    • I try to pull from as many sites as a can to get a better unbaisis opinion of each religion. If you find something in accurate please feel free to correct me though! My goal is truthfulness so trust me I will not be offended in the least!
      Thanks for the links I will be sure to include the info from them it in the next post! 🙂


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