My journey into Atheism and Agnosticism.

So I was asked to write up a story, I was thrilled at the prospect of possibly helping people understand Atheism and/or Agnosticism. My entire goal is for people to be tolerant of others beliefs, and realize theirs isn’t the only belief there is.

As for me, I was raised as a Christian. While we didn’t go to church every Sunday, they did teach me about God. There wasn’t much emphasis on Jesus really but he was of course involved. As I became a teenager, I started really trying the whole praying thing, and i began reading the Bible on my own. I was not a very popular kid, and all I wanted was to be liked and to have a girlfriend of course. So my prayers increased, I wold hang my head out the window staring up at the sky and pray for him to help me. None of these prayers, or any prayer I had ever done had seemed to make any difference and so I began questioning things. The story of God seemed much like a fairy tale to me, just “unreal”. I held true to my “belief” of God through the rest of my high school years, pretending that I never questioned. Of course I didn’t want to be an outcast that questioned the word of God.

My first experience with someone who didn’t believe was a girl who is now my wife. When we began talking and I found out she didn’t believe I practically attacked her, which now I realize was my own insecurities. My discussions with her, with no attacking on her part helped me realize who I really was. Not that she changed me, but she helped me realize that it was ok to not believe or to believe n something other than Christianity.

I have been through stages since then I began as an Atheist, which is the belief that there is no God. Then still questioning things I decided to change to Agnostic, or the idea of not saying there is or isn’t a deity or deities. I have changed back and forth many times but as of right now I say Agnostic. I agree with Lucy in her last post for the most part, but I disagree that in Agnosticism they don’t spend time trying to find out. The term encapsulates those that do continue searching, and those who don’t spend the time.

I have mixed beliefs but the only thing that really covers me for sure is Agnosticism. I believe that parts of the theory of evolution have merit, and I do believe we have evolved from a much simpler form. To me there is to much evidence to deny it. I also have a lot of interest in Buddhist philosophy, I think their ways are very peaceful.

Admittedly I continue reading, learning, and keeping an open mind. While I don’t think that I will ever believe in a deity, I won’t say I won’t. I do like the spa type atmospheres, and the mind, body, spirit ideas they tend to have. But these are more philosophies than religions. I would like to thank Lucy for her interest in my story, and anybody who may read this. I also want to applaud you if you tolerate and support others in their ways and beliefs.


3 responses to this post.

  1. YAY! Go Steve! and I still think you should post more of your opinions on here! 😀


  2. You Should look into more of the eastern religions. They seem like someting you would like


  3. Hallo an alle
    Toller Blog, aber leider sehe ich nur die hälfte.Ist Euch das bekannt?
    Liegt das an meinem Safari?

    Grüße aus Mannheim


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