I will give that I know a bit more now about atheism then I did 2 months ago, I have come acrossed it more when researching Paganism, but to be fair I will go with what I thought it was 2 months ago which is generally the norm for it anyways.
When I think of Atheism I think of people without any spiritual side to them at all. They have no want to explore the mystic, let alone believe in it. They are ruled only by science and facts.
I always think of Agnostics as the fence sitters of the world. They neither believe or disbelieve and don’t spend their time trying to find out if they are wrong.
I am hoping this month to bring more people to understand these two religions. I do feel a kinship with them as I know people do not want an atheist, witch or muslim in their houses! But hopefully I have changed some minds about the witch and will change some for the other two.


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