Different views

Baha’i is still a controversal religion today. It claims to encompass 9 of the monotheistic relgions in its teaching and believes that all of those religion are a true path to God, but how do some other religions view them? Following are links to webpages to give you some ideas.

http://www.bahai-faith.com/ About a gentleman who was once Baha’i and is now Unitarian Universalist.

http://www.bci.org/islam-bahai/MuslimBahais.htm a Muslim view

http://www.bahai.us/christianity Baha’i’s linking Christianity

http://www.christianinformation.org/article.asp?artID=50 Christian view

http://www.religionfacts.com/bahai/comparison_chart.htm Charts

http://www.alaska.net/~peace/buddha.htm Buddha relating to Baha’i

I still kinda feel like I’m at the end for this religion. I wish I could talk to someone who joined the faith later in life and get their views but no such luck yet. I will be posting a summary of Baha’i, and introduce the next study within the next few days. I have had luck with the visiting a place of worship for Baha’i, there is one near here in the same place a Buddhist house of worship, so I will be visiting the both in January 🙂



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