General update

So today I decided to drive to what I thought was the closest Baha’i center to me, it is supposed to be in Circleville, it’s the only day really this month that I could get the time without children to go. I mapquested it and everything, was really looking forward to seeing this center……….there was nothing there! I am still upset!  I feel like I have kinda hit a brick wall with my study of this religion, all I can get is access to online material and no actual stuff or people! So frustrated!!

I have already started trying to make contacts in to the Atheists/Agnostic Community, hopefully I will hear from them and get some prospectives from them. Once again there are none in my area so it would have to be a lot of travel to actually meet any of them face to face! I’m really getting upset with where I live!

Welp wish me luck as I go try to find more stuff out!



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