Baha’i and the afterlife journey

So when learning about a new religion you can always tell a lot about them by their views on the afterlife, and Baha’i is no different. They believe on a soul, it is the underlying animation for their bodies and shows who they really are. After death the soul continues the spiritual journey that the person began in this life. How enlightened they are now reflects on how close they are to God, the less enlightened you are, the further you are from Him and the harder your journey is. This is the closest reference to Hell I could find for them.

Which brings about the questions of sin and the devil. For Baha’i there is no greater “sin” then pride. It hinders your spiritual journey towards God. Other than that sin is not mentioned in Baha’i…….

And the devil is only mentioned as not existing. They go on to say that Satan being mentioned in other scriptures in other religions are merely symbolic and meant to represent man’s lower nature and how it can destroy him. God created everything and everything God created is good not evil…….

The more I read the more I can see the Baha’i is a mix of the monotheistic God following religions, I am still confused but I’m starting to see a little better.



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