Profile of a Witch

The stereotype of a witch is usually someone who dresses gothic, doesn’t like people and goes against the norm on a daily basis. Granted there are probably more of those in witchcraft then there are in other religions but that doesn’t mean all of them are like that. Though I was started on my path to the craft by one of those people.

Before I start I want people to know I am in no way bad-mouthing Christianity in this, it just was not the path for me but it is still a wonderful religion.

Through my early teen years I practice Christianity, I say practiced because I never once felt moved by God in any way. I was even saved and all those around me cried and was moved for me but still nothing inside me ever changed. I tried even after that to still be moved by Christianity, I was even looking forward to my baptismal, but it always seemed something came up and prevented me from going through with it, I was sick, the preacher was sick, the pool was cracked, ect. I started high school and in typical teenage fashion promptly forgot all about it. Then the guy I was dating announced he was a witch. Of course I was appalled I thought  he worshiped the devil, but he was a great guy, weird but still not evil. So I thought I had better look in to this, down to the library I went, the only book they had on the subject was Teen Witch by Silver Ravenwolf. Say what you will about Silver but I am so glad I found her book and not one of the weird, freaky ones. I think I read half the book that very night, it called to me in so many ways, answered questions I never knew I had. My connection to the Goddess was instant and deep, I had always knew there was magik in the world and the idea of hell never sat right with me. Reincarnation gave me the answer to many deep and somewhat disturbing thoughts I shouldn’t have had. I carried that book with me everywhere for at least a year, and after I made it my mission to own all of her books. Over the years I studied other people’s writing, techniques , and other craft related areas and each time I do I still get that same excitement as I did 10+ years ago.

But I just don’t want you to know me as a witch. I am a wife, mother, and person outside of all that. I love romantic movies with happy endings. I read fiction books as often as I get the chance. Cooking not only relaxes me but it gives me a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day. My hubby can be the world’s biggest a$$ but he’s mine and I love him more everyday for the strength he gives me. My kids are at times hyper and out of control, but they both have my wicked sense of humor, and aren’t afraid of what people think of them. I dream of one day being a famous author everyone loves like J.K. Rowling, but I am afraid I have no talent. I have a life like everyone else out there the only difference is my religion may not be like yours.

Over the years I have struggled with my choice  to be a witch, I have encountered all kinds of people, many who I know are loving and fantastic individuals I would have never appreciated if I hadn’t gone down this path, but there have been others who have hated me for no reason other than my religion, those have hurt me so deep. But if I wasn’t a witch I would following a religion my heart wasn’t in and wouldn’t be the person I am today. I started this Blogg with the hopes of answer my own questions about religion but I have also hoped it would break down the stereotypes we have created of other religions. I have always said that if it’s a message of love who cares who the messenger was, it’s about the message.

Having said all this I know there are people who are going to look at me and mine differently and I will ask why? How am I any different now than I was before all this. You, my friends are the ones who have changed and aren’t the people I thought you were, I am no different now than I was, (alright maybe more enlighten but I’m only in the first month of this journey so not so much that yet). By all means if I offend you by simply being me, go away I don’t need nor want you. I am striving to be a better person and don’t need your drama. Blessings and don’t let the door hit ya.

And to everyone else……LOVE YA!!! Can’t wait to see where next month takes us :~D But be assured it’ll be fun and enlightening;-).

Blessing and Love


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