Basic Beliefs~ God and Goddess worship; Nature is sacred; Reincarnation; All life is sacred

Deities Worshiped~ All Pantheon are welcome; there are even Christian based Witches

Founded~ 50 or 60 years ago by Gerald Gardner

Sacred Texts~ Each witch is encouraged to have a Book of Shadows

Celebrations~they go by the wheel of the year starting with Samhiem then Yule, Imbolc,Eostara, Beltaine, Litha, Lughnasadh and ending with Mabon

Places of Worship~ Some covens meet at special places but mainly just nature

Cultural Impact~Witches are still hated in certain parts of the world but here in the U.S.A it is growing more and more as people are turning to “the old ways”

Any further queston I would more than happy to answer or direct you to the answer!



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