What I know now

So I should have started the month with what I know about the religion so that way I could compare now……so that’s a to do for next month!

So with Druidry I learned a lot! While they are very similar to Wicca they are a different religion entirerly.They really don’t believe in the afterlife, they believe in the otherworld, which is very different from wicca’s Summerland. They still have the kinda the same god system, and follow the same holidays even though they do, do them differently in some ways. I learned it’s called Druidry not Druidism, that was a big one.

Paganism is still a little confusing for me but that’s more because of all the different definitions for it out there. I still stand by that it’s any earth~worshiping religion. How people define it is up to them but that’s mine.

Wicca showed me more of a dark side this time. I still can’t believe some of the stuff I read on Christian Witches! It was mean and shocking for me. I did learn more about some of the people who helped pave the way for modern witchcraft and some the struggles they went through. Also some witches put way to much emphasis on the American witch trials, I stand by my opinion on that one too!

I’m learning more and more about the people in my life by doing this too……..I’ll just leave it at that.

Tomorrow I’ll post the summaries for Paganism and Wicca and on Sunday a very special bio! Than it’s on to Baha’i on Monday!



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