So I have overlooked some topics I kept meaning to cover , so I am in one post!

First up animal/human sacrifice. Pagans/Wiccan/Druids don’t  do it now, a long time ago they like many other religions did but they have since outgrown the practice. They have learned that all live is sacred and the Gods don’t require something as cruel as that to be apart of them. They still do perform blood sacrifices, where you willingly give a few drops of blood. All others are in the past from them like it is for many other religions!

Witch or Warlock? All people practicing witchcraft be them male or female are called witch. Warlock means twister of the truth or liar, mot male witch. I could not trace exactly where this term got entangled with witchcraft but it does help perpetuate the myth of witches being bad or evil. Usually someone who calls themselves a warlock either doesn’t know much or actually is involved in the cult of Satan.

White or black……..neither! Witchcraft is neither good nor evil it is neutral and most followers see themselves as neutral too. I know there are witches out there who go one and on about them being white witches fighting the black witches and personally I find it a bunch of BS! It’s like saying you’re a “good” Christian vs “bad” Christians or Catholics or any religions! If you’re a witch your just that, a witch not white or black!

Welp this week will continue to wrap up any questions or topics you want me cover let me know!



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