You are so full of BOS!!!

A Book of Shadows (BOS) is witches magical diary. They use it store any useful info they may need quickly. Many witches feel it needs to be handwritten to preserve the magik t holds, some go as far as writing it in a completely different langue, in case it falls in the wrong hands. Handwriting it also helps them learn and understand why on many things.

A typical BOS contains a dedication, Rules of the coven or trad, a List of gods and goddess, correspondents,Sabbat rituals, Magical recipes, spellworkings and favored texts. It is  spose to be started the a witch decided the craft is right for them and can be as elaborate as a hand bound book or as simple as a binder. Most shy away from keeping it on a computer.

Not many witches will share their personal BOS’s though some do keep one they don’t mind sharing for those who are curious about them.

That all I got on BOS, off day tomorrow, next week will be wrapping up Wiccan/pagan/Druid, any topic you want me to specifically cover let me know!



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