A friend of mine said one of the most common things they get asked about as a witch is ghosts. I asked my hubby if he thought of witches and ghost in one and he said “I think they talk to the dead a lot like the witches on charmed…” yep that’s my hubby for ya, if it’s on tv it must be true! Well witches don’t talk to the dead anymore than non witches, they are just more attuned to natural forces. There are people out there who can “sense” ghost a little better than most. Belief in ghosts is still more of an individuals belief and not a reflection of the whole religion, in other words Wicca doesn’t support nor disprove the belief in ghosts.

As far as contacting the dead, well most witches recommend against it. When you take down the barriers between worlds you never know what you’re going to get. Also most believe that if they have passed across the barrier then they are done with this world and ready to embrace the next, you should let them do this and move forward with your life. There is the belief that on certain days the barriers is thinner and the spirits can and will communicate to the willing, this is completely different from trying to call forth a spirit, mainly because you’re not forcing them to do anything and even the dead tend to get upset at being forced.

I guess for those reasons wicca is associated with ghosts by outsiders. There are probley others, but this is the extent of my knowledge and research I found. Feel free to correct me on anything. I am going to try to Blogg about Fortune Telling today too but no guarantees.



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