Silver Ravenwolf

Silver Ravenwolf is the leader of the Black Forest Circle and Seminary, an organization containing over 38 Clans (each consisting of several covens) spanning the United States and Canada. She is the author of eighteen books, including the acclaimed “To Ride A Silver Broomstick”, “Teen Witch” and “Solitary Witch: The Ultimate Book of Shadows”

Silver has commented that the written word of the people of this century is vitally important in the realm of alternative religious practices and theologies. “Without these publications and writers, with their unceasing dedication to the people of the new generation in spirituality, we would be once again under persecution.

Silver is a Witch with many cloaks. “A woman once asked me what I do for a living,” she chuckles. “I couldn’t answer her. I do so many things that I was afraid she would be bored or insulted with my list of `I am’s.’ ” From practicing classical astrology, making candles, fine jewelry, oils and incense, photography, acrylic painting, writing and crafty-crafts — she’s always busy! She even has her own Ebay store!

Silver has been involved in various aspects of the Craft since she was seventeen years old. In November of 1991, she received her First Degree from Bried Foxsong of Sacred Hart and is on the rolls of the International Red Garters. She also carries Second and Third Degree status from the Temple of Hecate Triskele of the Caledonii Tradition, and now heads the Black Forest Circle and Seminary. Silver was eldered by Lord Serphant of the Family of Serphant Stone on 29 June 1996 at the Puff Gathering in North Carolina. Her hearthstone coven is known as Coven of the Omega Wolf.

Born on 11 September 1956, Silver is a true Virgo; She adores making lists and arranging things in order. “I hate housework, but can’t stand a messy house. I have determined a robot/nanny would be useful.” Definitely a modern woman, she’s hard to pin down. “I spend a great deal of my time with my four children,” she says. “They come first in my life. Everyone else has to take a number and get in line after that.”


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