DEATH *dum*dum*DUM*

Kinda fitting considering the time over year it is, that now I’m covering the afterlife. We are coming up on the holiday when witches celebrate the lives of those that have passed on, Samhain. This is the holiday witches get the most questions about but I am not covering it just yet, though death is a topic related to it.

Most witches have a singular thread of believe when it comes to the afterlife, reincarnation. It  is the belief that the soul in reborn again and again over many lifetimes. The soul is allowed to grow and learn in each of these lives along with working off any karmic debt it has incurred. You are not always the same-sex in every life and some even belief that you aren’t even the same species. Some people hold the belief that you are reborn again and again in the same family line, others believe that you are born again with the same groups of souls and others still yet differ from this.

For witches there is no heaven or hell, there is only Summerland. As the name implies it is constantly summer there and you are free to roam and visit those who have past before you. It is a place where you go to reflect upon each of your earthly incarnations. It is not a place of judgement but rather a place of rest in till you are ready to go bach and start the cycle again.

Most believe you will continue on this cycle untill all your karmic debts is worked off and you have learned all you need to know, then you join the God and Goddess to dwell among them forever.

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