Now that I have your attention……All the info I am about to write about is about sex. Telling ya up front before you get halfway through the artical and get mad about it.

Many people are under the belief that witches have lots of sex and orgies. I’m sure they have both but probley not anymore than the average person.

Why all the rumors? Well some covens practice what is called the Great Rite at Beltane, and is a symbolic representation of the union between the Goddess and God that  resulted in the creation of all that exists.  It is preformed by consenting adults over the age of 18 and not witnessed by anyone under the age of 18 if at all. It can also be preform symbolicly by using a chalice and athmane.

Sex is sometimes used outside preformance of The Great Rite. Some use Sex magik to raise a circle or just to raise power. Some even use it for spellworking.It is a choice that consenting adults are making and not about the actual sex but of the energy raised.

There are also some holidays about fertilizing the land where sex is used to represent the land getting fertilized. Once again it is between consenting adults and not about wild crazy sex.

So witches only preform rituals skyclad, meaning completly naked. This is done because they feel it will bring them closer to the gods, others do it because it frees them of man made constictions. Skyclad during ritual is in no way a sexual act, it is a deeply spiritual one for those who “choose” to do so.

All that out of the way, on too the confintional sex topics. Witches view sex as a natuaral and beautiful act. As long as it’s done between two consenting adults. They have no views againest sex before marriage or homosexuals. Controceptions and abortions are invidual believes and being a witch doesn’t change your views on either.

I have only just skimmed the surface of all this. Any questions or more indepth explainations I will be more than happy to answer. But I just don’t feel right about going further on here……….



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