Dude, What’s your Trad?

Usually one of the first question you’ll get asked by a fellow practitioner is what your Tradition. Traditions are the religious sects of Wicca. They are a more modern concept in Witchcraft, and are just alternative approaches to practising Wicca. These by no means are all the trads out there they are just a few of the more popular ones.

Alexandrian Trad~ Started in the 1960s by british witch Alex Saunders as an alternative to Gardnerian Trad. Most Covens generally practice ceremonial magik based on th Kabbalah, Angelic Magik and Enochical Magik.

British Trad~ Mixes elements of Celtic and Gardnerian. Draws Heavily on deities, rituals and festivals from through out Britain.

Blue Star Wicca~ An American trad that emphasizes the worship of the Gods and Goddesses over the practice of magik, although it is still preformed. The Pantheon worship generally depends on the coven. It is a highly organized with officers and defined sets of beliefs, memberships include whole families.

Celtic Trad~Based on religious beliefs of the ancient Celts. Rituals focus on Nature worship, tree magic and the four elements

Dianic Wicca~ Indentify strongly with the American feminist movement.Most practicinors are female and most covens exclude males. Thier main focus is on the Goddess particularly the goddess Diana

Eclectic Trad~ Fairly recent. Mixes a lot of bits and pieces from other trads together, primarily practiced by solitary. Their believe is there are no right way to perform rituals or honor the deities.

Faerie Trad~ Invokes power of the Fae during rituals, believing in enchantment and possession of such powers. Deities invoked are usually unique to their tradition. Influences are as diverse as African and Haitian Magik, Tibetan Buddhism, Native American Shamanism, Santeria, and many others.

Gardnerian Trad~ Probley the oldest and largest trad in modern witchcraft. Covens worship the Goddess and the Horned God. They practice rituals and magik as established by british witch Gerald Gardner.

Green Wicca~ emphasizes herbalism, healing maigk, and the worship of nature. The are dedicated to worshiping the earth gods and goddesses.

Hereditary/Familiy Trad~ Praticioners have had to of had a blood relative who practiced and taught them. Most believe that knowledge and their powers as witches can only be inherited.

Kitchen Witch~ Practices maigk and rituals related to domestic concerns. It is primarily practiced by solitaires

Stregheria~Italian based witchcraft. Draws heavily apon the italian culture. Members use protective amulets, heal using herbs, and spells, and employ knot magik.

Many solitary witches tend to mix closely related trads, even some covens do but not many. You’ll find sometimes that witch will identify with Family Trad with Green Witch influences. This just helps tell others where you have narrowed your studies too.
There is a lot more Trads out there, if you have any questions on any of them feel free to ask. I can promise if I don’t already have the info I will try to find it for you.



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