The Gods, The Devil, and Wicca

The Gods
Wiccans are for the most part a multi-god religion. (I say for the most part because I do know there are people who just follow the God or who just follow the Goddess.) They believe in a mother goddess and a father god and if they choose it breaks down in too other gods from there. Who these gods are depend on which pantheon you choose to follow, most people feel called towards one. Some never do and just follow the God and Goddess. It is really more of a personally choice the a must do.

The Goddess is sometimes called the Lady. She embodies all things female. She has three aspects, Maiden, Mother, and Crone.
The maiden represents any woman who has yet to bear a child, she has limited power, usually represted by the waxing phase of the moon. She signifies youth, newness of life, magik in all things and innocence.
The mother represents a woman in the flush of motherhood,in the prime of her life and power, usually represented by the full moon. She signifies protection, abundance and growth, the gaining of knowledge and fulfillment.
The crone represents a woman beyond her child-bearing years, limited power but lost of wisdom, usually represted by then Waning moon. She signifies logical and can be terrible in her vengeance. SHe cares for the maiden and the mother, and gives counsel to those in need.
It can be broken down in to three separate goddess.

The God is sometimes called The Lord or Horned one. He embodies all things male. He represents sexuality, vitality, the hunt, logic and power. He is often depicted as half man half animal with horns on his head. Some give him a triple aspect like the goddess but not many considering males can bear children most of his life. He is represted by the sun.
I know I didn’t post nearly as much about The God as I did THe Goddess, it’s not that he is less important. Without him there wouldn’t be a goddess, he is her consort and one of the reasons she is so powerful. They balance each other out like marriages should.

The Devil
I can never stress enough how most witches have no believe in the devil. Which makes it all the more annoying when they get cast as devil worshipers. Hard to worship something that doesn’t exist to you.

Wiccans don’t believe in one all evil being, it is a religion based on balance therefore all of us have it us to do both evil and good. I know that’s scary for some but if you think of it instead in positives and negatives it works better. THere are people out there more inclined to either side and Wiccans acknowledge that there are…..”beings” more inclined to either side. They just don’t think there is one all evil being controlling it all. Nor are they inclined to name it, names have power, giving something a name gives it power, power to be involved in your life, power to control actions, and power to grow. That is why most of the time they work with general terms for things.
My husband asked when I told him there was no devil, what happens when you die. The devil and hell being the incentive for living a good life where’s yours. I was going to answer it here but I am going to do a seprate blog on the Afterlife next week.



2 responses to this post.

  1. The devil & going to hell should not be the incentive for living a good life, whether you believe in him or not!

    Enjoying the blog so far, Lu- quite insightful.


    • Thanks I am too. I’m learning alot about a religiong I already thought I knew so I am really looking forward to the other ones 🙂


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