Paganism: What is it?

I have always considered myself a pagan as well as a witch, because for me paganism is any earth based religion. But there people who consider themselves just a pagan and just witch. How they make the division I will never know.But this is how I would define paganism.

The term pagan come from the Latin ‘paganus,’ meaning ‘country dweller. It incompases many religions, including Native American, Hindu, and Druidry. All Pagan religions are characterized by a connection and reverence for nature, and are usually polytheistic(that means many goods).

Pagans are considered the hippies of the religious world, the put nature above all else. Their gods and goddess are the trees, flowers and plants. They live their life in attune to the cycles of nature.

They feel that the Divine is not just male but female too. They see the earth as female, The Great Mother or Gaia. Gaia gives all creatures and plants life therefore we are all sibling and should take care of one another, along with the Mother.  The different groups of pagans have their own pathoen of gods and goddess that different, but the always retain a Mother Earth figure and a Father Sky/Sun.

Most pagans believe in Karma and Reincarnation in some form. Karma is basically all your deeds get tallied up and if you’re in the negative you come back and work it off, hence reincarnation. There is usually a place where you go to be judged and rest between lives.

Found these categories on one the websites(forgotten which there were so many)
Types of Paganism

Paleo-paganism: the standard of paganism, a pagan culture which has not been disrupted by “civilization” by another culture – Bushmen modern (who are probably becoming meso-pagans), ancient Celtic religion (Druidism), the religions of the pre-patriarchal cultures of Old Europe, Norse religion, pre-Columbian Native American religions, etc.

Civilo-paganism: the religions of “civilized” communities which evolved in paleo-pagan cultures — Classical Greco-Roman religion, Egyptian religion, Middle-Eastern paganism, Aztec religion, etc.

Meso-paganism: a group, which may or may not still constitute a separate culture, which has been influenced by a conquering culture, but has been able to maintain an independence of religious practice — many Native American nations, etc.

Syncreto-paganism: similar to meso-pagan, but having had to submerge itself into the dominant culture, and adopt the external practices and symbols of the other religion — the various Afro-diasporic traditions (Voudoun, Santeria, etc.), Culdee Christianity, etc.

Neopaganism: attempts of modern people to reconnect with nature, using imagery and forms from other types of pagans, but adjusting them to the needs of modern people.


Wicca – in all its many forms
Asatru and other forms of Norse neopaganism
No-Native American practices
The range of things labeled ‘Women’s Spirituality’
The Sabaean Religious Order
Church of All Worlds
Radical Faeries and other “Men’s Spirituality” movements
Certain people within Thelema and Hedonistic Satanism
Some of eco-feminism

There are those who debate differently from this difination. Some say Paganism isn’t really a religion more of a slur against a group of people. Truth be told I have no clue who is right. Maybe you guys do…… I’m sure I’ll be posing more about the subject.



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