Christian Witch: the black sheep

So I realized I was leaving a group out of my research. Christian Witches. I thought there would be a vast amount of info out there on this subject, Llewellyn published a book on the subject not long along, so I assumed it was as accepted as well as any of the other paths. Boy was I wrong!

I always prided myself on the belief that the pagan/witch community was a relatively accepting one. People may not like the word Wicca attached to them but they dealt with it in good graces. Certain authors may not be up to snuff to them, but they just avoided their books. There groups out there devoted to things they would make most people laugh but yet they are accepted along with the normal groups. Unless you’re a christian witch.

They seem to be the drunk uncle of the witchcraft family, the one you only acknowledge reluctantly and only under heavy scrutiny. I found very little info out here for and quite a lot of info against it. I am very surprised, I got over any misguided anger at christianity years ago and would welcome and help any friend interested in either or both religions. Apparently I am one of very few who feel that way.

Hopefully I’ll find some positive info out there on this subject and be able to answer question about how they balance the two faiths. In till then here are some of the article against I have found.

I am so sorry to all those Christian witches out there who are presucted by both of the religions you are. I still count you among my brothers and sisters in spirit.



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  1. Posted by matt on October 9, 2010 at 7:05 pm

    Actually, what i always thought was that it was more acceptable from the pagan/wiccan side of things than it was from the christian side of it. or at least it made sense to me that way, given the groundwork of the religion being so adaptable and it not actually having anything said about it in the 13 precepts. Interesting…


    • I had too. I think it’s because I was always okay with it, even when I was mad at christainity it never extended to christian witches………but I do have info on them now just gotta sort through it.


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